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Find the MAC Address of a Device

About Finding the MAC Address of a Device

  • Every DicksonOne device has its own unique Media Access Control (MAC) Address
  • The MAC address can be found on the, as well as in the DicksonOne Connection Widget for DWE Devices, and on the interface of the TWE/TWP Devices

How to Find the MAC Address of a Device

Find the MAC Address on DicksonOne:

Go to > Click into a Device > Settings > Network

  1. At the bottom of the Network page, the MAC Address will be displayed
MAC Address for DWE via the Network Widget App:

Download the DicksonOne Connection Widget by going to > Support > Network Configuration App

  1. Open the Network Configuration App on your desktop computer
  2. Connect the DWE Device via USB cable 
  3. Click on the ‘i’ on the top right-hand side of the screen

The Information screen will pop-up

  1. On the Connected Device Info, look for MAC Address 
  2. Other useful information may be provided
  3. Click Close when finished and then x to close out the App
MAC Address for TWE/TWP on the Device Screen:

Interact with your TWE/TWP Device

  1. Click into the ‘i’ to view the Device Information page
  2. The MAC Address will be provided on the device along with other useful information

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