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Edit Recipients On a Report

About Editing Recipients On a Report

  • DicksonOne reports are are auditor friendly as the are delivered via Email as PDFs 
  • The recipients on the report do not need to be users of DicksonOne, so the reports can be emailed to various recipients 
  • DicksonOne reports allow infinite recipients to send reports 

How to Edit Recipients On a Report

Select the Report to Edit:

Go to > Reports and Select a Report

  1. Click on the Expand/Collapse carrot 
  2. Click on Edit Recipients when the menu expands 
  3. This
Add or Delete Recipients:

Unlimited Recipients can be added to a report and can always be removed as needed

  1. Click +Add Another Recipient to add another email to send the report to 
  2. To Delete a recipient from a report click the x
  3. Click Update recipients 

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