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Disconnect Your Twilio Account From DicksonOne

About Disconnecting Your Twilio Account From DicksonOne

  • If you have connected your own Twilio account to DicksonOne you can disconnect your account at anytime.
  • Please not that a Twilio account is only required to send notifications to the following list of country codes
  • If you disconnect your Twilio account from DicksonOne the system will stop sending SMS Text Message and Phone Call notifications for alarms.   

How to Disconnect your Twilio account.

Disconnect from the Integrations page

On your DicksonOne account go to Manage > Integrations 

  1. Click on Disconnect at the bottom of the page under your Twilio credentials. 
  2.  You will then see a confirmation pop-up modal to confirm if you wish to disconnect. Click Ok to confirm, but please note that this change cannot be undone and will stop any future notifications from being sent. 

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