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DicksonOne Account Features

About DicksonOne Account Features

  • DicksonOne is a cloud based software application that offers flexibility to users as well as security features to ensure that your account is secured
  • Unlimited users can be created and assigned to various administrative rights as needed
  • There is no limit to the amount of devices that you can have on a DicksonOne Account
Security Features:
  1. DicksonOne uses secure access via a Unique Password and Unite Username
  2. DicksonOne offers password complexity and maintenance (e.g., password expiration functionality)
  3. DicksonOne offers security via user roles from manage access to administration functions
  4. DicksonOne captures a detailed inalterable audit log of all user actions and system events
  5. Dickson implements the principle of least privilege (PoLP) for DicksonOne, to ensure that access to information and resources are access only as necessary for legitimate purpose
Control User Access Based on Location and Permissions:

When adding a user or editing a user, the permissions can be edited based on location. 

  1. No Access will prevent the user from accessing or seeing the specific location
  2. Ready Only will allow the user to view the location and the devices for the location and this ability will allow the user to view/comment on alarms, create exports and reports, but cannot manage anything within the location
  3. Manage will allow the user to have manage access to the location in which the user will have administrative permissions to add devices, ad users, configure alarms, etc.
Add Unlimited Devices:
  1. There is no restriction to the amount of devices that can be added to a DicksonOne account. 

  2. The amount of devices allowed to an account is determined by the subscription plan the account is on. 

  3. To upgrade to the next subscription, please contact us at or 630.643.3747

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