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Create a Not Reporting Alarm

About Not Reporting Alarms

  • Not reporting alarms are used to alert users that DicksonOne is no longer receiving data from a device.
  • Reasons that may trigger a Not Reporting alert are a power outage as the devices utilize AC power to communicated to DicksonOne, a network outage as an internet connection is required for the devices to communicate to DicksonOne, all sensor pods are unplugged from a device, and/or a device malfunction.

How to Create a Not Reporting Alarm

  1. Within a device click the Alarm Icon or on Alarms
  1. Click Add a New Alarm
  1. Under Set Your ConditionSelect a Channel pick the Device
  1. Choose an existing escalation policy or create a new one

If you have not created a Notification Policy before you can reference Alarm Escalation

  1. If applicable you can save the Not Reporting alarm as a reusable template
  2. Click Save Alarm to finish and apply the alarm to your device

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