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Alarm Coverage Report

About the Alarm Coverage Report

  • The alarm coverage report allows users to get a system-wide view of their devices, which alarms are applied to each device, and the schedules for those alarms.
  • The alarm coverage will always provide a 7-day weekly view, and the coverage will be based on the day that the report was generated. 
  • The report will display all alarms that are attached to the device (both custom alarms and alarm templates).

How to Create an Alarm Coverage Report

1. Go to Reports > Create a New Report > and select Alarm Coverage and Save and Continue

2. Select the locations and or devices you want to include in the report. When selecting a location, the report will include all of the devices that live in that location. 

3. Review the setup for the report and click Save and Continue

Confirm the report setup looks correct and click Save and Finish. Your once reports will be delivered within a few moment, and daily, weekly, and monthly reports will begin to be delivered on their start date. 

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