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Add or Delete a Location

About Adding or Deleting a Location

  • Locations can allow users to control how devices in the account are organized by location and/or application (i.e. Laboratory, Refrigerators, Pharma Co., etc.)
  •  Locations can allow users to control user permissions that restrict a user to No Access, Read Only, or Manage Access to a Location.
  • Locations is laid out in a Parent-Child relationship where the Account name (ie. Pharma Co.) is the super locations and locations can be created as well as adding sub-locations.

How to Add a Location

Adding a Location:

Go to > Manage > Locations

  1. Select the Parent Location from the drop-down options on where your location should live 
  2. Provide a Name for the Location (e.g. Cold Room Storage)
  3. Click Add Location
Rearrange and Delete Locations:

To do that thing, you do this other thing.

  1. Hover over a location and click with the cursor to drag and move until it is arranged in the desired order
  2. Click Save Changes
  3. To delete a location click the x and then Save Changes

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