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Add a New User

About Adding Users

  • Users are individuals who log in and out of DicksonOne (this can be controlled by different User Permissions)
  • The account owner will automatically have all the permissions by default (account owner is the individual that created the DicksonOne account). 
  • The account owner can create users with Manage Access (those who can administer the account) and Read Only Access (those who can view only) based on location permissions
  • Unlimited Users can be added to DicksonOne

How to Add a New User

Add Users to Your Account:

Go to > Manage > Users & Contacts 

  1. Click +Add User or Contact
Provide the User's Information:

The requirements of a user are First Name, Last Name, and Email.

  1. Provide the User’s First and Last Names.
  2. Determine if you would like to add an optional Role and Location for that Role
  3. Provide the User’s Email address (can add additional email addresses by clicking +Add email address.
  4. Optional to add a phone number if the user will be notified via SMS or Phone Call during Excursions or Warning Alerts.
  5. Slide the toggle to make the individual a User under Make this contact a user?
  6. Determine the User’s Location Permissions by selection from No Access, Read Only or Manage for each specific location. 
  7. Click Submit at the end
User Invitation:

The User will receive an embedded link via email. Once the user clicks on the link, the user will be able to create a password to log in to the account.

  1. By clicking Resent Invite the user will receive a newly embedded link if the previous one has expired. 
  2. By clicking Invitation Link you can copy and paste the link to be delivered to the user as well in case the user cannot find the link or the email is lost.

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