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Add a Contact

About Contacts in DicksonOne

  • A contacts can be an individual or group of individuals that are used as a contact end point on DicksonOne for alarming purposes 
  • Unlike users, contacts do not have access to the DicksonOne system 
  • You can create as many contacts in your account as you would like and you can also make a contact a user later on

How to Add Contacts

Section 1:

Go to > Manage > Users & Contacts 

  1. Click Add User or Contact 
Section 2:
  1. Provide the contact’s first name and last name 
  2. A role is optional to add as well as a location for the role
  3. Provide contact information such as email and or phone call if the user contact will be alerted during alarm events 
  4. If the contact needs to become a user, you can slide the toggle to grand the contact user access to your DicksonOne account (but not required)
  5. Click Submit

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