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Activate a DicksonOne Account with an Activation Code

About Activating a DicksonOne Account

  • Redeeming a subscription code will allow the account to adhere to the corresponding subscription features and length of the subscription
  • Only the Account Owner(s) has access to the Billing page to redeem an activation code
  • The activation code is received directly from a sales representative or through mail as an activation label
  • If you have not already created your account you will need to sign up for one

How to Activate a Subscription

Redeeming the Subscription Code

Go to > Manage > Billing

  1. Input the 16-digit code in the Redeem Subscription box and click Redeem
  2. The Current Subscription will display the Subscription name along with information regarding the Expiration, Device Limit, Device Utilization, Data Retention, Sample Interval and Alarm Notifications 
  3. The Subscription History will display prior subscriptions that have been applied to the account

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