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Accessing and Enabling API Keys

About Generating API Keys

  • This article aims to explain the steps to generate API Keys, as well as who gets access to API keys and how to get to the developers’ help information.
  • API keys are limited to compliant yearly plans only, which does not include the monthly subscriptions credit card plans via Stripe. 

How to Generate and Access API Keys

Section 1: Generating API Keys

Only the account Owners have the ability to generate tokens for other users. Be sure to reach out to the account owner if a token is needed. Once the token has been generated by your account owner, you will be able to access the token. 

  1. As an account owner, go to Manage in DicksonOne
  2. Click API Keys
  3. Provide a Name for the API Key
  4. Select the User who will utilize the API Key
  5. Click Generate Token to create the API Key
  6. As the account owner, you will be able to view all of the Active API Keys
Section 2: Accessing Your API Key

Once an API Key has been created for you by your account owner, you will be able to access it and use the token. 

  1. As a user, go to Manage in DicksonOne
  2. Click API Keys
  3. To authenticate, you will use the Token that has been provided to you

Review more on Authentication

Section 3: Visting the API Reference Documentation and Support

Go to to access the DicksonOne API Reference page

  1. Can use the Search bar to locate specific actions you may be seeking
  2. Various menu options and topics are displayed
  3. Documented instructions and rules will be provided 
  4. Examples of how to run the API Requests will appear
Section 4: Revoking Access

To revoke access to the API for a user, the API key that has been created can be revoked, and only account owner can revoke access. 

  1. Go to Manage on DicksonOne
  2. Click API Keys
  3. As the account owner, you have the ability to view all the Active API Keys that can be revoked
  4. Find the appropriate API Key and click Revoke Access
Section 4: Designating an API User

Though any user can have an API token generated for them, we recommend that you create a developer user in your account for application purposes if the individual ever leaves the organization or moves on to another role. 

  1. Go to Manage on DicksonOne
  2. Click on Users
  3. Then +Add a User
  4. Developer User example, in which the user credentials can then be handed off to the next developer or shared with another

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