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Device Will Not Communicate With PC

Requirements and Troubleshooting


The minimum PC requirements are listed below:

  1. SM101, SM125, TM121 & TM125 – DW99 or higher
  2. SM150, SM175 – DW99 or higher
  1. Is the Data Logger functioning otherwise? Make sure battery is still good and working properly.
  2. Is the correct COM port selected? Try another available COM port connection on back of PC. If this is the first time attempting to communicate on this PC, or if new software or programs have been installed since the logger was last used, try installing the software on another PC (not a laptop).
  3. Has the communication speed (baud rate) been changed? It should be set on ADAPTIVE. Check Com port allocations in the PC’s Device Manager, make sure the COM port you’re trying to use is not “reserved” for something else. 
  4. Make sure the download cable is not physically defective.

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