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Setting Alarms

About Setting Alarms

  • This article is for Chart Recorders that have alarm capabilities, as not all chart recorders offer that feature.
  •  Please review the various steps to learn how to set alarms on your recorder. 

How to Set Alarms

  1. Alarm on or off
  2.  Pen 1 alarm min
  3. Pen 1 alarm max
    If it is a two pen unit the following states also exist
  4.  Pen 2 alarm min
  5.  Pen 2 alarm max
  1.  To set the alarm, make sure unit is on and press and hold the Alarm button. The LED will blink red rapidly for about five seconds, and then the led will go solid green. Release the Alarm button and the led will turn red. At this point the display will show the following: ON with a delta symbol, or OFF without a delta symbol.
  2. Pressing either the Adjust-Up or Adjust-Down buttons, located on the back of the unit next to the dip switch, will toggle the alarm on/off.
  3. Pressing Pen Home will scroll to the next alarm option. The options are as follows:
  4. In order to set pen alarm minimums and maximums, pressing the Adjust-Up will increase the alarm value, and pressing the Adjust-Down will decrease the alarm value. There is acceleration if the Adjust-Up button is held down. Repetitively pressing the pen home button will scroll through the five options until the alarm button is pressed to exit from alarm adjust. Each press of the Pen Home or Alarm button will store the new settings. The unit will take one minute to exit Alarm Set Mode once the Alarm button is pressed.

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