Dual K-Thermocouple Temperature


Dickson’s newest Replaceable Sensors are the easiest and quickest option for re-calibrating with a compatible monitoring device.When your instrument is due for calibration, simply order the appropriate Replaceable Sensor with the type of calibration you need. You’ll receive a new sensor in the mail and you simply detach the old one, replace it with the new one, and then you’re done!

It is that simple! No more sending in your entire device for calibration and being without it for days.

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Sensor TypeAmbient Temp & HumidityThermistorK-ThermocouplePlatinum RTDAmbient Temp
Humidity Accuracy+/-2.0RH from 5.0 to 95.0RH
Temperature Accuracy+/-0.8F from 20.0 to 120.0F 1.2F (+/-0.44C from -40.0 to 85.0C 0.66C)+/-0.9F from -58.0 to 68.0F (+/-0.5C from -50.0 to 20.0C)
+/-0.9F from -58.0 to 68.0F (+/-0.5C from -50.0 to 20.0C)
+/-1.8F from -22.0 to 122.0F 3.8F (+/-1.0C from -30.0 to 50.0C 2.1C)+/-0.5F from -148.0 to 350.0F (+/-0.3C from -100.0 to 176.0C)+/-1.2F from 20.0 to 122.0F (+/-1.0C from -30.0 to 50.0C)
Temperature Accuracy (Remainder of Range)+/-1.8F (+/-1C) from 123-158F (51-70C)
Temperature Range-40.0 to 185.0F (-40.0 to 85.0C)-58.0 to 68.0F (-50.0 to 20.0C)-300.0 to 2000.0F (-184.0 to 1093.0C)-148.0 to 350.0F (-100.0 to 176.0C)-22.0 to 122.0F (-30.0 to 50.0C)


Sensor TypeAmbient TempAmbient Temp & HumidityPlatinum RTDThermistorK-ThermocoupleDual K-thermocoupleDual Thermistor


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