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6" Chart Recorder


Note: 6″ Chart Recorders are no longer available. Please refer to our replacement guide and visit our 8″ Chart Recorder listing to purchase a chart recorder that meets your needs.

No longer available


6-inch Charts (60pk)

<p>These 6″ charts come in packs of 60 and are designed for 6″ Chart Recorders. Only genuine Dickson charts are required for your chart recorder to read accurately.</p> <p>To view a list of all charts, including by SKU/part number, scroll down to Product Details.</p>
Dickson Data Chart Recorder Pens

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Product Details
6" Chart Recorder Specifications
TH6P1 / TH6P1 / TH6P1KT6P1 / KT6P2 / KT6P5
Alarm Type TH6P1 / TH6P2: N/A TH6P3: Audio/Visual on High/Low LimitsKT6P1 / KT6P2: N/A KT6P5: Audio/Visual on High/Low Limits
Ambient Operating RH Conditions0-95% RH non-condensing0-95% RH non-condensing
Ambient Operating Temperature Conditions32.0 to 122.0F (0.0 to 50.0C)32.0 to 122.0F (0.0 to 50.0C)
ApprovalsRoHS, CERoHS, CE
Backup BatteryTH6P1: 4 AA Battery Back-up. Powers unit for up to 3 days. TH6P1 / TH6P1: 9V Battery Back-up. Powers unit for up to 3 days.4AA Battery Back-up. Powers unit for up to 2 days.
Battery Life (Avg)72 Hours (Back-up Only)48 Hours (Back-up Only)
Calibration OptionsN100, N300, N400N100, N300, N400
ChannelsCH1: Temperature, CH2: HumidityCH1: Temperature
Chart Rotation Speed24 Hour or 7 Day24 Hour or 7 Day
Dimensions3.25 x 7.56 x 7.56in3.25 x 7.56 x 7.56in
Display DimensionsTH6P1: N/A TH6P2 / TH6P3: 1.18 x 0.59in KT6P1: N/A KT6P2 / KT6P5: 1.18 x 0.59in
Display ResolutionTH6P1: N/A TH6P2 / TH6P3: 0.1 Degree from -9.9 to 199.9; 1 Degree resolution above 2000 and below 9.9KT6P1: N/A KT6P2 / KT6P5: 0.1 Degree from -9.9 to 199.9; 1 Degree resolution above 2000 and below 9.9
Display TypeLCDLCD
EnclosureRugged Black ABS Case, Polycarbonate Door, Aluminum DialRugged Black ABS Case, Polycarbonate Door, Aluminum Dial
Humidity Accuracy±2.0% RH from 0.0 to 60.0%; ±3.0% RH from 60.0 to 95.0%N/A
Humidity Range0-95% RH non-condensingN/A
Included Accessories"AC Adapter, Red and Blue Pen, 9V Battery, Quick Start Guide. *Charts sold separately.""AC Adapter, Red Pen, 9V Battery, Quick Start Guide and 4' Bead-Wire Probe. *Charts sold separately."
IP Rating2121
Keypad FunctionsTH6P1 / TH6P2: Power On/Off, Pen Home TH6P3: Power On/Off, Pen Home, AlarmKT6P1 / KT6P2: Power On/Off, Pen Home KT6P5: Power On/Off, Pen Home, Alarm
Mounting OptionsFree Standing or Wall Mount (With Keyhole)Free Standing or Wall Mounted
Note on Relay TypeN/AKT6P1 / KT6P2: N/A KT6P5: Relay does not function while unit is running on only battery power.
Power Cord6 ft6 ft
Power Source120 to 240 VAC, 12 VDC (INTL fittings available); AC Adapter120 to 240 VAC, 12 VDC (INTL fittings available); AC Adapter
Power Status IndicatorLED IndicatorLED Indicator
Relay ConnectionN/A KT6P1 / KT6P2: N/A KT6P5: Spade Lugs, Male 0.25. One Relay per Channel.
Relay TypeN/AKT6P1 / KT6P2: N/A KT6P5: SPST, 24 VDC, 0.5 A, N/O
Remote Probe DimensionsTH6P1 / TH6P2: N/A TH6P3: Houses thermistor and RH sensor in polycarbonate plastic; 1.5" x 0.5" (1.25cm x 4.5cm)N/A
Response Sensor LengthTH6P1 / TH6P2: N/A TH6P3: 10 ft4 ft
Response Sensor TypeTH6P1 / TH6P2: N/A TH6P3: Digital Temperature Sensor1 K T/C with Mini Connector
Response Time5 Minutes to 63% of Full Scale30 Seconds to 63% of Full Scale
Temperature Accuracy±1.8F from 32.0 to 100.0F (±1.0C from 0.0 to 50.0C)±1.8F from -22.0 to 122.0F 3.8F Remaining (±1.0C from -30.0 to 50.0C 2.1C Remaining)
Temperature Range TH6P1 / TH6P2: 32.0 to 100.0F (0.0 to 50.0C) TH6P3: 0.0 to 100.0F (0.0 to 50.0C); 0.0 to 185.0F (0.0 to 85.0C)-100.0 to 0.0F/C; -50.0 to 0.0F/C; -50.0 to 50.0F/C; 0.0 to 50.0F/C; 0.0 to 100.0F/C; 0.0 to 250.0F/C; 0.0 to 500.0F; 50.0 to 100.0F/C
Temperature Sensor Type TH6P1 / TH6P2: N/A TH6P3: Remote ProbeRemote Probe
Unit Weight9 lbs5 lbs
Warranty12-Month Limited12-Month Limited

Almost all Dickson products are covered by Dickson’s Manufacturer’s Warranty.