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Pt100 Smart-Sensor -200°C to +50°C


Pt100 Smart-Sensor (-200°C to +50°C) for cryogenic freezers, Nitrogen tanks. The Smart-Sensor technology allows for on-board calibration details and features analog/digital converter to simplify calibration.

  • On-board calibration details
  • For Cobalt X and Cobalt L3
  • Calibration: ISO/IEC 17025, NIST traceable
Pt100 Smart-Sensor -200°C to +50°C


Cobalt L3 data logger

Cobalt L3 data logger

<p>Temperature and humidity data logger with LCD screen, visual alarm indicator, and LoRaWAN connectivity for fixed monitoring. Fully integrated with OCEAView monitoring platform.</p> <ul> <li>Temperature and/or humidity sensor</li> <li>Ideal for warehouses monitoring</li> <li>LoRaWAN long-range wireless connectivity</li> <li>Available with IP67 protective case</li> </ul>

Cobalt X data logger

<p>Color touchscreen data logger with LoRaWAN® and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, supporting up to four simultaneous wired and/or wireless sensors. Fully integrated with OCEAView.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Cobalt X data loggers support up to 4 external sensors simultaneously to monitor your invaluable equipment. Readings are recorded in on-board memory, then transmitted to the OCEAView remote monitoring solution via LoRaWAN or Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Cobalt X offers interactive touch screen controls and highly visible alert indicators, with support for a wide variety of environmental sensors, including our Bluetooth enabled remote sensors.</p>
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