Managing mounds of paper can be a hassle. DicksonWare™ is a digital solution that removes paper from your monitoring process, making pens and paper a thing of the past.

What is DicksonWare™?

DicksonWare™ is a standalone software program for use with Dickson's USB-enabled loggers, allowing you to download your environmental data to your PC. Viewing, analyzing, and sharing logged data with others in your organization has never been easier.


Easily locate the environmental monitoring data you need by date, time, and device. No more wasting time searching through mounds of charts from your analog system.


DicksonWare™ makes it easier than ever to digest your data. View your data graphed in detail, pull insights, and recognize any excursions so there are no surprises at your next audit.


Share data easily with others in your organization by uploading it to our cloud-based system, DicksonOne. Plus, you can access your data from any internet-connected device at any time. 

Key Benefits

Implement Your System in a Snap

Turn Your Data Into Insights

Keep Your Data Secure and Compliant

*DicksonWare Secure only

Unlock Your Full Potential

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Looking for more features and functions?

DicksonOne may be the solution for you.​


Unlimited data storage with bank-grade security for safe transmission of data and unparalleled reliability


DicksonOne loggers send data to the cloud automatically, freeing up resources to do what they do best


Create recurring reports, delivered how and when you want them with Dickson's custom reporting feature


View your data from anywhere in the world at anytime with just one click from any internet-connected device


With data at your fingertips, you can easily monitor and manage systems of any size regardless of physical location


With continuous monitoring and real-time alerts, DicksonOne is VFC-compliant for monitoring vaccine refrigerators

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